Monday, November 5, 2007

Walking my plot

I am a walker. I used to be a runner. (I still have aspirations of running, but every time I tired to do this in October, my lungs burned, and a day later I had a bad cold. ) This month in addition to writing a novel, committing to blog everyday, and committing to gratitude, I have set a walking goal of 60 miles. That might not seem like much--2 miles a day. I was averaging 3.5 miles a day over the summer, but I was doing it at 6 AM. Now, my early morning window has closed due to darkness. This goal will force me to get out and do the walk mid-day. But I have made this goal for another reason--walking and running really helps me with my plot. I can work out story lines in my head. Okay, so I'm not really conscious of the still changing leaves and the verdant grasses of an unusually warm autumn, but I am not noticing the body aches, either. It is a walking meditation on how to proceed with my book or how to solve problems I am having in my writing. Though it seems like I am not doing anything work-related, it is probably my most productive time of the day. Sometimes, I have to remind myself of that fact as I tear myself away from the computer and put on my sneakers.

Today's gratitude is for my daily walk and its restorative properties for mind, body, and writing career.


JulieAnn Henneman said...

Very cool--coincidentally, I have recommitted to my health as well. I arrived at the gym at 5:30am and finished by 6:30, ready to write. It's embarrassing when I have to stop my run to ask for scratch paper during those "a-hah" moments!


I am introducing you on my blog today, just so you know. :0)


Tui said...

I agree that walking is a type of meditation. Don't you sometimes wish you had an 'audio out' jack so you could record those walking thoughts? I've missed my daily walk these last couple of weeks and I feel antzy. I'll toss you a mental howdy when my alarm clock rings tomorrow morning and I get back into it! :)

Simple Blog Writer said...

Oh I so agree about walking and plotting. I sometimes feel like I'm cheating at writing and exercising because it works so well to clear my mind.

Your comments about female screen names intrigues me. I just started blogging and there are moments when I feel selfish because I don't want mine to be a mommy blog (nothing against mommy blogs; I love to read 'em).

I enjoy your blog very much - found it through NaBloPoMo.