Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Degree of Difficulty

My sister and I laugh when we think about putting together my sister-in-law's bridal shower. We were up half the night making crepewiches and putting ribbons on the coffee cups we gave as souvenirs for the French-themed party. At the time we said we were going for the "degree of difficulty" points as if we were Olympic divers, gymnasts, or ice skaters.

Here are the degree of difficulty tricks I am attempting for Thanksgiving:

1. An all-white table complete with a non-descript table runner that, despite its average nature, took me 3 hours to make last night.

2. Recovering 6 kitchen chairs. I've had the fabric for a year and am waiting until the day before Thanksgiving to execute.

3. Having a prep party where I pretend to have people help me make the food, but instead, I make an entire other meal and we play games.

4. Amidst preparations today, I have my parent/teacher conference with my daughter's teacher.

5. Yesterday, I made homemade hazelnut brittle to serve as a garnish on my chocolate hazelnut cheesecake.

6. I told my son he could have a friend stay overnight last night when I really needed his help with preparations this morning.

7. I invited my niece and nephew to spend the night tonight.

8. I still have grocery shopping to do and wine to buy. (In Pennsylvania--that's two separate stores.)

9. I decided to wash all my decorative pillows. Now I have to sew the inserts back into them.

10.Despite the fact that we are having a sweet potato gratin and I declared that to be the sole potato dish, I am caving to my husband's demand for mashed potatoes.

Why am I doing all this? It's not a holiday where I get a crown or presents. It is a holiday where all the men chow down and then excuse themselves to go watch football. It feels like I am having football referees judge my triple axle toe loop double camel combo.

Today I am thankful for 24 hours in each day. Hopefully I can use them to the fullest advantage.


Charlotte said...

Your list stresses me out. Just so you know.

But, I do hope that it is fun and that you have a great Thanksgiving.

french toast girl said...

I want to eat at YOUR house tomorrow!

Melissa said...

But at least you don't have to make crepewiches this time, right?