Monday, November 19, 2007

7 Unusual Things About Me

I have been tagged By Leandra Ganko through NaBloPoMo, so here goes nothing.

1. I love the mid-20th century design aesthetic. Heywood Wakefield furniture, graphic printed fabric, Eva Zeisal servingware. I love Eames chairs, but I don't own any. I have the perfect space for two of them in my living room.

2. I recieved my online ordination. I haven't sent in for the certificate to perform weddings, but I could. I believe that the divine resides in each of us, so we should all be ordained.

3. I married my first boyfriend, so I've never experienced a break-up. I have no regrets about that. He was the one. We've been together for over 21 years. I don't ever wish for a more varied experience because I have novel-writing: I get to experience anything I want through my characters.

4. I don't have any tattoos because I could never commit to an image for the rest of my life. I can commit to a man, but not to a single piece of art.

5. I love going to art museums, but I can only usually hit one or two galleries before I am done.
Either I have a very short attention span or my brain gets too stimulated and I must leave before I explode. (Maybe that's what a short attention span is.)

6. My kids think I am crazy, but I have told them that I am the first person they ever met; therefore, I am the norm against which they measure all others. Everybody else may be crazy when compared to me.

7. I love cheese. My husband bought me gourmet cheese chocolates for Valentines' Day. They were actually very good. A cheesetasting party is the best party to have.

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I am tagging Sharon Naylor, Michelle Abeyta, JulieAnn Henneman , Sognatrice, Lilymania, Diahn Ott and Tracey Brewer Medley.


Lilymane said...

Hey Jill - thanks for the tag but no tag backs (or whatever it is we used to yell on the playground). :D I did this meme just a few days ago. Check out my "Blogosphere Playground" post for my list. Loved reading yours. Peace.

JulieAnn Henneman said...

Gee, thanks Jill.


I have already done this on my blog...I have many many weird things about me, so maybe I can pull 7 more outta me. I will linky-link back to you.


sognatrice said...

And I'm tagging you right back with a different meme:

5 post meme