Sunday, November 25, 2007

Going to Italy

After church today, we attended a travel lecture by a woman who is a renowned storyteller and mime in our area. She has been having a love affair with Italy for the past 6 years. I have been having an unrequited love affair with Italy for the same period of time. Terri showed us slides of a sculpture workshop, the beaches, mountains, play houses, sculpture parks, kitchens, the people, the architecture, the house she almost bought, and the marble quarries. On this side of the ocean, I drink my chianti and make my spaghetti Bolognese. I grow basil and make pesto. I read books by Frances Mayes, Marlena De Blasi, and just recently Elizabeth Gilbert. I forgo Rachel on the Food Network and hone in on Giada and Mario.
Friends of ours, just returned from a tour of Florence and Venice. I drooled over their pictures. Another friend, Nan, went for a photographer's tour of Tuscany. The gallery who sponsored the trip is going to have a showing of the group's work in December.
So, I am appealing to La Befana, the Italian Christmas Witch for a little magic to get Jill (and her family) to Italy. Besides that, I just really like the idea of a Christmas Witch. Buon Natale!


sognatrice said...

Well I can certainly put in a good word with La Befana for you...although I don't know how much pull I really have ;)

Simple Blog Writer said...


I wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog so much. I visit daily and decided today I had better tell you that your posts are delightful to read.



AltraVista07 said...

Jill --
A friend of mine here at E-town College referred me to your site. I loved your posting on my travelogue. I, too, used to dream of Italy, but now the love affair is no longer unrequited. I don't know if it was La Befana or my Dad's words echoing in my ear. He used to say "Some day let's go to Italy together."
He never did get to go, so I am making up for lost time.
Hope your wish is granted, too!