Saturday, November 10, 2007

No Mo' NaNoWriMo

I am throwing in the towel of NaNoWriMo. The main reason is that the whole thing is paralyzing me with fear. I overcommited and didn't plan very well. NaNoWriMo is an excellent idea and I am sure I will pursue it in the future, but I will have an outline, completed character studies and...I don't know... a clue?

I think I need to regroup. What I would love is a writer's retreat with other writers. Perhaps I could get beyond this stumbling I have been doing. In a way, I do have the makings of a retreat--just not in the traditional format. I am conducting two journaling workshops this week and that always makes the creative juices flow. I think it is the community aspect that helps me. And on Monday, I am going to hear Francine Prose speak. She wrote many books, but among them, Reading Like A Writer, which I own and have read. Ms. Prose isn't limited to one kind of book. She has written novels, articles, children's books, nonfiction, and humor. My kind of gal. (I believe the term is multiple personality.)

And in between teaching and going to a lecture, I hope to get back to writing something just for love of writing. Maybe that is the real key.

I am committed to and will continue with my walking and blogging commitments, including the gratitude. Today I am thankful for the Lancaster Literary Guild who promotes reading, writing, and brings wonderful programs to the area.


Susan said...

Aw... change your mind?

Just a few words a day, a few, and who knows...a mad burst of spontaneous inspiration might land on you in the middle of the night and you wake up already writing in your sleep and suddenly you're half finished the novel and it's only the seventeenth of November and the next thing you know you're published and doing a book tour and winning awards you never heard of until Oprah begs you to be on her show and then,
you wake up...

That's my experience anyhow, also doing NaNoWriMo. With an opposite sort of problem, but it's nice to find kindred spirits out there!

Good luck with all your writing (and I *do* hope you change your mind?)

Anabolina said...

Sorry about the Nanowrimo, but I can't say anything because I only started mine this past week :) I guess sometimes its all about the attempt. You tried and there'll always be next year.