Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gallery Piquel

I went to Gallery Piquel in New Hope. I showed my work to Tamara Cannon, the proprietor and she took 5 of my pieces to sell. I was thrilled. I had no idea that she was looking to take them immediately. I thought she might look at them and say, bring me 5 pieces in April. I am ecstatic, but part of me is terrified. The pieces she took were pieces I was considering putting in Red Raven Gallery in late January. Now I have to come up with replacement pieces in time to get giclee prints done and frames on some of the canvases. It isn't that I doubt my abilities, but I've done some clunkers lately. I need a painting I can feel good about. So, while November was dedicated to blogging and Thanksgiving, December is going to have to be about kicking some writing and art butt! Where does that put the holiday exactly? I am hoping to continue to blog in a regular fashion. I have gained some readers and friends through NaBloPoMo, and I'd like to continue the momentum.

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Simple Blog Writer said...

Congrats on the pieces the gallery took. Very nice indeed!

For what it's worth, I'm dedicating December to both writing and artwork. I'm not a trained or experienced artist, but I do like to draw and know that regular practice will be good for me. I want to keep up my writing plus my blog on a regular basis. And I'd like to get more crafty done since that type of work really does bring me comfort.

I haven't quite worked how I'm going to accomplish it all, but I need/want to be spending my time creatively. The holidays will be a challenge, but it can be done.

Creativity breeds creativity.