Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Old Year

After a somewhat hectic Christmas, I have to admit that the the celebrations leading to the New Year really surprised me with their flow and enjoyment. Friday night we had an impromptu enchilada party with our neighbors. It was casual which meant there was no pressure. The next night, Saturday, Mark and I met friends at a new brew pub in Lancaster. I am not usually into the whole bar scene. I'd much rather have close friends over to share a meal and a bottle--or so--of wine. But we had a wonderful time going out with friends from Michigan (In-laws of in-laws--which means our association is totally voluntary and falls under the dominion of friendship.) We were celebrating our friend's engagement. Bring on the sunglasses. She had serious bling.

After a night of socializing, I went the other direction and went to church and then to visit a friend who lives in a farmhouse that is situated in the middle of a spiritual retreat center: complete with labyrinth and art gallery. Jodi and I are new friends, but we found our commonalities to be startling and a little euphoric. How great is it to look over someone's bookshelf and recognize all of your own books? Those books you don't own, you want to borrow. I left with an armful. I was particularly enamored with the the on-site art/yoga studio that was carved out of an old chicken coup. I may rent the space as a birthday present to myself.
Speaking of birthdays--Jodi took a look at my astrological chart. According to her short analysis, I am a great spiritual teacher (the words Dalai Lama were uttered) with a stubborn streak and strong appetite for pleasures of the flesh. HMMMM? She didn't mention my sense of humor! Anybody with that combination of traits would have to have a sense of humor.

Back at home, my brother and his wife showed up. We had a dinner of Pittsburgh steak salads in Jasmine's Lounge. Have I ever mentioned that we name the rooms of our house as if they are restaurants? That's a blog for another date, but Jasmine's (named after a beloved pet) is the bar in our family room. We dim the lights and play jazz music.

Maybe it sounds like New Year's Eve would pale in comparison to our social schedule leading up to the event. We were low-key. Mark had to work on New Year's Eve. We met friends to see the movie I am Legend. While we were watching Legend (a compromise film to accommodate all four tastes in film), I realized it was the first theater movie in 2007 that I hadn't attended with my kids. I wasn't feeling any pain. A big screen and my Netflix, and I am good to go. After the movie, we had dinner out. I was home and in bed before 11 PM, but some midnight fireworks woke us from our sleep and we were able to utter sleepy grunts of New Year sentiment.

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