Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year

I really like the celebration of New Year's Day. One of the reasons I never party hard the night before is that I really do some soul-searching on the first day of the year. Typically, I journal, go for walks, take a long bath, and for the last two years, I have been making large New Year's collages with my daughter by my side. It's fun. We surround ourselves with magazines and cut out all the things we want for the coming year. The results are a fun visual of your hopes and dreams. Active visioning. This year's collage is very similar to last year's, but I am amazed at the color differences. Last year had a lot of blue and red in the mix. This year has yellow, pink, lime green, and lavender. I find them both to be interesting, because I wouldn't say that either representation is typical of me. Lots of active pictures in both. Women dancing, playing drums, knitting, taking pictures, painting, writing, running, doing yoga, and drawing. Lots of design. Imagery of nature, doors, windows, flowers, candles. Tuscan landscapes.
This year is the first year I am not hyper focused on achievement of some sort whether it be selling my book or quitting my job or publication. I am just me, enjoying the process and seeing what life has to offer. It is a place of great emancipation, and I think my collage reflects this.

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KeRobinson said...

I loved reading your post! It's a creative way to have "traditions" in your family that don't revolve around drinking. We have root beer floats & now you've inspired me to to come up with an activity that includes everyone. Thanks! Karen.