Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Green-eyed Girl

I just read online that green is the rarest of eye colors existing in only 1-2% of the population. I have always liked having green eyes. They were like blue--but more exotic because not everybody had them. That identification must have been pretty strong. I remember reading once in a teen magazine that those with green eyes should wear purple eyeliner. At my young age, I didn't realize that each beauty hint from Seventeen magazine was not a dictate from God to Moses on the mount. If they said that purple eyeliner was the way to go to highlight what I considered my best feature, then--by the God of Moses-- I was going to wear it--as soon as my Dad gave me the okay to wear make-up. (Okay--I sneaked it on in the bathroom at school. A tricky and brazen maneuver considering that my father taught reading in that school and was in fact MY reading teacher.) But I persisted and eventually won my argument in eighth grade. Wearing the purple eyeliner led to me seeking out purple clothing. Pretty soon, I was incorporating it into my bedroom decor. Before I made the leap to high school, it became a signature color, until now---25 years later it is the base color of my personal website.
I have said before that everyone has a very personal relationship with color. Think of a color in your life and tell its story, the way it happened to you. I love blue bottles--collect them, make sculptures with them. Why? Because a blue bottle was on the table once when my mom and I had a special mother/daughter outing. I like Gerber Daisies for the same reason. They were in the blue bottle at the time. If you go to my artwork page, you'll find a series of Gerber daisy/blue bottle pictures. Red was a school color. Gold was the shade of some pretty awful carpet in my parent's living room. And green--sure it is the color of nature, but it is also the window to my soul and/or the color of the naughty M&M's.

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Phoenix Touch said...

Just found you on a "click and read" journey through some of my friends' blog rolls. Lovin' what I am seeing here. Will be back soon!