Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fun with Zippers

My college roommate emailed me two bits of information today. First of all, the two of us were profiled in University of Delaware Department of English's newsletter. Pretty good since I graduated with an art degree. Anyhoo! That explains why I didn't receive a paper copy, and she did. So she set about scanning a copy for me. Her new scanner sent it to Snapfish. To retrieve it, I needed to set up a Snapfish account complete with billing information--even though the scan was free. Then I found that all my zip programs were outdated. Zip, Zip! It took me a little bit of doing, but I finally got the profiles which were well-written and cohesive considering the jumble of information I sent the writer. The page was highlighted with an inset that read: Did you know? Sharon Naylor and Jill Althouse-Wood were college roommates at UD?
It was a fitting tribute to our friendship and more touching considering that I will be Sharon's matron of honor in the spring. Which brings me to the other email and zipper. Sharon has decided to go with silver shoes for the wedding. I happen to have a pair from my brother's wedding, so I decided to try them on with the dress to see how they fared together and to take a picture for bridal approval. When I first got the dress in August, it didn't exactly fit. It seemed the left side of the zipper was not on speaking terms with the right side of the zipper. You'd think it was political or something to do with movie studios and writers' contracts. Add in a few holidays, an election season, and a writer's strike, and the rift between the two sides of my zipper became greater. I put the dress away in December and vowed not to think of it again until sometime in late February when, with the arbitration skills of a few carefully selected New Year's resolutions, I would set up some renegotiations. I wasn't planning on going to the bargaining table so soon, but with the shoe detail, I decided to try. Let's just say this zipping session went better than the one on my computer. In spite of the fact that I like to cook, I managed to close the deal on the bridesmaid's dress. And the shoes? They got the thumb's up as well. Now I can go out and buy running shoes instead--since I am still hoping to lose a few pounds before Sharon's big day. But for today, I can live with my modest success.

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I am Fire said...

OH, you water signs! You're so good at negotiations! I loved that analogy/metaphor/simile oh which is it anyway? Maybe the English Dept at UD can help us out on this one.