Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wonderful Good Market

They are just about to break ground on a strip mall, the first in our local area. Included in that plan is a Giant Grocery Store. I was mildly excited about this because our local grocery store is a hard place for me to shop. It has been stepping up the effort to get new products in, but often they don't know where to put them. The organic food ends up in no man's land next to seasonal things like water pistols or pumpkin buckets. And the new cheese island is filled with more kinds of processed cheese-ish products than I ever thought possible. And they aren't open on Sunday. I realize this is an issue of religious beliefs. I respect that, but I also respect my desire to sometimes make a grocery run on a Sunday.

Here's the thing--an even better option opened up today: Wonderful Good Market. I live near Stoudt's Brewery. At the complex they not only brew fabulous beer, they have a restaurant, a bakery, a village of shops, and an antique market. Now they have a farmer's market and cheese-making facility. I am the queen of cheese, so I am in heaven. The operation is bare bones at the moment. Cheese will come in a month or so, along with a deli, olive bar, organic frozen dinners, farmer's produce, meats and dairy. But they have the bread, a line of organic food, Pennsylvania maple syrup, free range eggs. One of the owners stopped me when she admired my market basket. We started talking about everything from cheese to yoga, to my workshops, to Radiance (a store we both love and the place I bought my basket.), books we read. By the end of the conversation, we were so excited by our aligned interests, we just gave one another a hug. With any luck, my supermarket days are behind me. Heck, I may even apply for a part time job. (How often do you hear me say that?) I just want to be a part of it all. I am that excited.

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