Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cob Studio

A few weeks ago, my daughter had a long play practice, so Mark and I took in the sites. We went to Terrain Garden Center which is a real treat for the senses and unlike any garden center I have ever been. Go for a whole day with a bunch of girlfriends and make sure to lunch in their greenhouse. Mark and I also hit Chaddsford Winery for a barrel tasting. This is probably the most well-known and one of the best wineries in PA. I especially like their select vineyard Chambourcin wines
But, like I said, the play practice was long, so Mark and I didn't stop there. We capped off our experience by attending an open house at Cob Studio, a ceramic studio built in cob construction (the only of its kind in PA) about 4 years ago. The place as an aura of enchantment. It is bigger than it looks with meandering earthen shelves, a wood stove guarded by handmade tea cups, and an organic form that makes it seem as if the whole structure grew out from the ground like fungi. Quite hobbit-like, with reclaimed windows and colored bottles set playfully in the earth, hay mix. The place of whimsy houses ceramicist and holistic health counselor, Cara Graver. It is where she gives classes, has tea parties, hosts organic suppers parties, and creates her own work. My daughter is taking a ceramics class this year at her school. I'll need to get her there over the summer to see the place and perhaps create. Maybe I'll bring my mom along too, for the tea and scones. No website for the place, but Cara does have an email list. The Cob Studio 1281 Green Lane, Chester Springs, PA 610-469-9509.
Although our entire Sunday experience was fun, we saved the best place for last.

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