Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Pledge and Starbucks

I got swept up in the spirit of the "Be the change" and the "Yes, we can" attitudes that pervaded the inauguration. Would I have done so if a new Republican administration had inspired these ideas. I'd like to think so, but I can't be sure.

Anyway, to answer the call put forward by Ashton and Demi and their "I pledge" campaign, I have pledged to start composting this year. So far, I have been doing research, but I hope to put this into effect starting next month. It has always seemed a little intimidating to me--having to get the mixture just right to created the proper chemical reactions, but I am going to start.

And to answer Starbuck's call for 5 hours of volunteer work, I am going to do some workshops with the local domestic violence shelter. I have done this before, but in light of my present commitments to my volunteer work with the Lancaster Literary Guild, I had not planned to do any workshops in the near future. Still it feels good to be putting an extra effort out there. Times are tough, and I want to help get this country on its feet again--even if my efforts are small ones.

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Dominique said...

I think the Starbucks pledge 5 campaign is great. It shows Starbucks commitment to trying to help the community. It's something other corporates should be doing.

I wonder how the current economic environment/downturn will effect corporates getting involved to make a difference with the environment and corporate social responsibility.

It's great that Starbucks are holding the flag and pushing other corporates to do the same.

Have a read at my post about other CSR initatives.

Would be interested in your thoughts.