Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Technicolor cold

I have a cold, and it is messing up my plans. After hanging my art show, I was once again going to get down to business with a hard-core, don't-interrupt-me, write-in-the-morning, paint-in-the-afternoon schedule. Instead, I find myself directed by my waning energies more than some time-specific outline I penned a week ago. Lower-leg step workout at high noon? 1500 words of elegant prose in two hours. HA!

I've been trying to do things that are productive even if I am not doing things that take long periods of flowing mind power or much energy. Yesterday, I picked up books to sell at my artist reception. I took photos of a place I am considering for a landscape painting. (All feedback suggests I should do more of these.) I even went digital camera shopping with my parents. All of this came in and around my napping and food-network watching (great exercise to watch FoodTV when you have no appetite).

Today, I made myself a little nest on my chair and ottoman to work on my upcoming events. I surrounded myself with journaling and art books and books on color theory. This fall I am teaching 5 different courses on creative journaling--all on different topics. I am doing an introductory presentation to a group of professionals in the wellness industry. At Woman-to Woman, I will do workshops on morning journaling practices. Finally, I am doing a series of monthly Deep Journaling classes at Radiance in Lancaster. The themes for this fall series are: color, flow, and manifesting.

Today's research concentrated on color. I have done so much work with color over my life and have used this element in many of my workshop offerings, but I have never done a whole class on it. Now after doing some research, I see I could do a whole series on color journaling. This is exciting for me, as I am looking to expand my workshop business. I love to combine my love of art and writing and bring it to life for others. I come from a family of teachers, so that part comes easily to me, too.

In future blog entries, I will bring you some of the subjects I find fascinating about my work to bring my workshops to life. Maybe I can inspire some of you to begin your own creative journaling practices. Hey--if it can rouse me from a state of misery and congestion--think what it can do for you.

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