Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Girl-a-marketing (Guerilla Marketing)

New author, here, trying to get new of her novel to every corner of the book-buying public. HOW? I am at a loss. Book sales have been strong locally, but outside of the northeast, I am not even a blip on the screen. My head is swimming with ideas. Summers at Blue Lake is a good book. I am proud of it. I just need to get it into the hands of the readers out there.

My friends and neighbors have been coming out of the woodwork with their suggestions. Which are practical? What is the best way to proceed? Here are some of the ideas I have received.

1. Get together with other authors who have books that deal with breast cancer and donate a percent of author proceeds. Garner publicity based on this fact.

2. Market to lesbians by sending the introductory chapter to websites who cater to gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/questioning crowd.

3. Join sites who facilitate author phone-ins to book clubs.

4. Create a stir by getting the book placed in a high school library. (Voices of Youth Advocates gave it 4 out of 5 stars and deemed it appropriate for 11th and 12th graders.) Sit back and wait for the book to be challenged by those who don't agree lesbian grandmothers should be in the schools.

5. Cut out genteel blogger essays and write something to get everyone's forwarding finger itchy. Something controversial, heretical, hysterical, political--whatever.

6. Be a guest on various websites and chat boards.

So where am I on these suggestions? I am writer who likes to write. So anything that lets me sit here and type is good. That would be #2, 5 and 6. I especially like number five because it appeals to who I am: someone with a lot on her mind who (with self-loathing) disguises herself as a nice girl in conservative Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

So what would I say if I went BLOG wild? Yikes! The nice girl mask is mouthing, "Don't alienate all the fine local folks who stretched themselves to support the book." But it has got me thinking. I have got stuff to say, and I think I can say it in a way that will make others think--at least I hope so. I don't think of myself as salacious, so I wouldn't say something just for the shock value, but perhaps I will up the ante on my blog and see if someone out there will hit the forward button on me.

Meanwhile, help spread the word. Here is a link to forward--an excerpt from Summers at Blue Lake. Keep the word alive. And send me other ideas for marketing myself. I am all ears.

P.S. Join me this weekend at Moon Dancer Winery in Wrightsville, PA. I am having an artist reception and book signing. 2-5 PM on October 13th. See you there!

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