Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Family Reunion

We had a family reunion this past weekend. This is not just noteworthy because I got to see aunts, uncles, cousins, and dear old Gramps, but also because I got to chill out with my siblings, the collective of which is known as the Four J's. I am J1. The J's don't meet often enough. We are a close bunch. We love each other dearly, but geography and schedules make gatherings into rare and tricky occasions. So we crammed as much togetherness as we could into a weekend.

Now we don't have any black sheep in this family. We all get along, but we are very different people. J4's husband had an interesting remark in the last hour of our reunion. He said that he can't believe that the four of us were raised under the same roof. Um. Yeah. He kind of has a point. We have different takes on religious life and politics. As for college majors, we ran the gamut of art, electrical engineering, educational counseling , and occupational therapy. We are all well-traveled, though to different places and for different reasons. For J3 it is Paris, and for J4 it is the Paris Casino in Vegas. J2 travels for business, and I am a vagabond--going wherever in the world I can hitch a ride.

I can only say that this kind of relation is great for a writer. Imagine the diversity I can draw from to create characters. They have been warned!

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