Thursday, October 18, 2007

The energy of color

I've facilitated workshops in the last two days. The first was a general workshop on journaling and the second was specific to color in journaling. In both workshops we answered a series of questions about our personal history with color. Questions such as :

What was the color of your childhood bedroom?
What colors do you associate with your parents?
What are the predominant colors in your favorite travel destination?
What colors are evident in your favorite meal?
What color or colors do you avoid wearing?

I found the results to be powerful. Color is light energy. Each color has a frequency that can be used in our daily life to send signals, balance energy, or attract people. I am fascinated by the psychology, by the physics, by the personal language of color. I think I could do a series of workshops on this aspect alone. My personal belief color has the vibratory power to heal through color meditations. If a friend of mine is going through trauma, I will often think of that person and imagine sending color vibes her way. Blue for peace and tranquility, green for growth, pink for healing and healthy tissues etc. I light different color candles for the same purpose.

I teach color as the first concept in creative journaling because it is the easiest to employ. If you are a journal writer, buy yourself an assortment of colored pens. Ask yourself a few questions to get an understanding of your own personal relationship with color. Then when you journal, select the pen that best relates to your mood for the day. Then, looking back over your journal, you can see patterns emerge. To me, color just lends itself to creative visualization. It is easy to grasp, and it is a wonderful way to take abstract thought and bring it to the physical world in small baby steps of actualization.

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