Sunday, August 17, 2008

Moon phase

I feel I am entering a period of more feminine energies.

To begin, in yoga, we are exploring the moon salutation. This was created at Kriplau to be a balance for the more warrior-like sun salutation. The moon salutation celebrates the physical, emotional, and spiritual cycles of a woman. To me it seems that we are exploring a more vertical axis, descending and opening and returning, in a path not unlike that of Persephone. The sun salutation seems more horizontal-- hero's journey across many lands.

Also, this fall, I am co-teaching a curriculum called Rise Up and Call Her Name which is a study of the feminine divine in all forms, around the world, and across time. I took this course 12 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. I didn't know I was incubating a girl child. But after the deep immersion into the stories and myth of female archetypes, it didn't surprise me that she burst forth in a dramatic birth and, in the process, broke through several all-male generations on the Wood side.

I am getting into some more intense creative coaching, which I am hoping will translate into creative action and product. More birthing process!

And also in November, I am again gathering with women to celebrate in Woman to Woman event which, besides being a collective of women's wellness, has raised over $7000 for domestic violence services. This year, the event has more meaning to me than ever before.

All in all, I am feeling the pull of the moon. The call to the watery ways of being a woman.


kj said...

When/where are you teaching the course?

Jill Althouse-Wood said...

I am teaching at the Unitarian Univeralsalist Church of Lancaster on Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:30 PM. 8 weeks, starting Septmeber 9th.

kj said...

Not sure if you'll get this in time, but can non-church members attend your class? The website directs us to you as contact person.
If so, what is the cost? (or any other info that may be pertinent.

Jill Althouse-Wood said...

$5 and non-church members can attend. Call 717-393-1733 and talk to Kate to register.