Monday, August 11, 2008


In yoga class a few weeks back, our instructor asked us to dedicate the day's practice to somebody or something. What a wonderful idea. Imagine how much more invested we could be if we dedicated certain tasks to others or issues. I could dedicate a day of painting or writing to my sister-in-law who is at that pregnant, ready to burst, stage. I could dedicate my walk/jog to my kids as they are getting ready to start a new year of school. And, in it all, I could transcend my small egoic mind that gets so self-absorbed and thinks everything has to be about me. Make it bigger. Be expansive.

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kj said...

I find that when I dedicate my practice to someone or something, I receive more benefit from it.
In addition, when I light a candle (dinner table, meditation, anytime) it is also a good time to ask for light for someone--kind of a candle dedication, I guess!