Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fun with kids

A couple very close to us has infertility issues and accidentally left a book at our house about some of the technology and advances in treatment of infertility. I know they will have children eventually. I can feel it. I can't complain about our own experience. We scored two of the most beautiful babies with only the slightest road blocks. (I can say that now--looking back.) I don't know what I expected when I became a mother, but I don't know that I expected these two people to become some of my great teachers. And I didn't expect them to become so wise, so fast. Now they are 10 and 13, which means they are fully reasoning people. And the stuff they reason makes me alternately shake my head or smile.

Back to the infertility book that was left at our house. Somehow its presence and the talk of test-tube babies led my son and I to an interesting conversation on how Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) was conceived. It was not immaculate conception as I originally thought--and which was implied in the Star Wars movies. Jonah, who has read further on these things, informed me in his mechanical tone that a sith lord fashioned a man out of the force to copulate with Anakin’s mom.

I’m so glad we cleared that up. I would hate to be ignorant about the fathering capabilities of the force.

My daughter came home from school with a story with relates to her growing maturity. It seems there is a tradition in her school where the third graders write to Santa and select fifth graders write back to them as Santa. Maren's particular third grader, a boy, asked for a toy helicopter and a lemur. Maren politely replied that this boy was a good boy and would probably score the helicopter, but because lemurs are endangered species, they are better left in their own habitat.

There you have it. May the force and Santa Claus be with our loved ones this holiday season so they too can know the wisdom of the next generation.

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