Saturday, September 15, 2007

Book two

I am in brainstorming mode for my next book. Although I already have a follow-up book written, my agent and I are trying to decide if it is the book that should directly follow Summers at Blue Lake. So many factors are involved. It is hard to predict the industry. Number two book is almost more important than the first one, because that is the book that will set you firmly in the readers' minds. And it needs to take the momentum of the first book and carry it. It's about tone and drive. Is the book I have completed a good match? I don't know. I can only take the advice of the professionals with whom I have surrounded myself. Am I happy at the prospect of writing another book when I have one finished? Not really, but I want what is best for the long term heath of my career. The manuscript that is finished will come out eventually. In the interim, I am going to write another novel and hopefully move forward on this path.

It's times like these, I wish I were a songwriter instead of a novelist.

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