Sunday, August 26, 2007

One more day

This is the last day before my kids return to school. I am trying to get systems in place that will carry us through the year and enable me to get lots of work done. Why is it that so much of what I do seems to be administrative? Today I have a full day of correspondence, research for business purposes (not writing), and paperwork for the kids. That just reminded me! I never got the dentist to fill out my son's form to enter seventh grade. For all the money we are spending on his mouth and all the gadgetry he is sporting, I think that a piece of paper that says he is under the care of a dentist is a little redundant. And yet, this is the drama I am trying to keep from happening so that I can maximize my time for writing and painting and spending quality time with my family. I feel like I am the family secretary. What I wouldn't give for a personal assistant? (Well actually--I wouldn't give much. We didn't win Powerball last night.)Hopefully, I'll get enough done today to feel competent--otherwise, feeling besieged with obligation, I may just blow off my first day of work and fly solo to the Cineplex to watch The Nanny Diaries and gorge on popcorn--extra butter.

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