Monday, August 27, 2007

Best-laid plans

I had planned to dig right into my routine today as my kids went to school. But it was not to be. My neighbor’s basement—where I paint in the afternoons—flooded yesterday after all the rain we've been getting. We helped them clear it out. It will need the attention of contractors to make it right. Carpets, cabinetry, paperwork, and other possessions were ruined. I had a few canvases over there, but I think I'll be able to salvage my things. Luckily, I didn't have my finished work stored there. But my dreams of writing in the morning and painting in the afternoon were dashed. I am not upset. I just feel bad for my friend who must regroup. I know, I'll figure a way to finish up my paintings for my show in October. Somehow, art will prevail--it always does.

So this morning, I took my walk and got home to see my daughter off to school. (Son was already gone.) I cleaned my desk for 20 minutes and settled in to read my middle-grade novel so I could see where I last let off when revising it. It’s going to take some concentrated work-- which I started. I should just do that full-time while I am waiting for the studio repairs, but I took the afternoon to visit my 90-year-old grandpa. He lives pretty far away, so it was a full outing. I got home in time to see my son off the bus and to sign the massive number of forms that go with the beginning of the school year. (Not more signatures than my book signings, but definitely more monotonous.)

For the back-to-school occasion, I decided to make this special dinner of 3-cheese macaroni with a side of baked garlic tomatoes. Took me forever. This was work and expense. Who puts Gouda and muenster with cheddar in mac-n-cheese? I have the best mac-n-cheese recipe ever. This was not it.

Here it is. All mothers take note. This should be in your repertoire.

Get a 9x13 in pan
Melt 6 T butter and put into pan.
Dump a box (you know the size--REGULAR) of dry macaroni noodles in pan
Pour 4 cups milk—any kind-- over noodles
Sprinkle an 8oz pack of shredded cheese (your favorite—I use sharp cheddar) on top

Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for an hour. Nobody ever believes how easy this is. Always first gone at the covered dish. Guaranteed. It’s easier than Kraft’s blue box.

But did I make this recipe? Noooooo! I decided to do mac-n-cheese acrobatics. I got out the table cloth and china for our macaroni and 3-cheese experience. We had candles even--and music. Don't even mention the tomatoes. Kids weren't even crazy about the mac-n-cheese, so Mark bribed them with milkshakes after dinner. Guess I'll have to restrain (and retrain) my creativity to the written page.

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