Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Website

After several yearly attempts, I have finally replaced my old website with a newer one. I am not a web designer. Code gives me a headache. I can design a mean brochure or business card, but websites are another animal. I wanted to update mine to make it feel a little more classic, simpler to update, and believe it or not, I wanted to get away from all that purple so my artwork could stand on its own. My artwork is really the reason I chose this particular template. (Here is where I confess and put in a plug for I needed a starting point, and they provided it.) So, please, take a look around the new site. If you find any glitches, let me know, but be gentle with me.

***No actual tears were shed in the making of this website, but hair was pulled and painkillers were swallowed.

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