Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Intuitive Nudge

Sometimes as writers, artists or just plain human beings, we ask for signs from the universe that we are on the right path.

Tell me what to do! We beseech the heavens.

Then comes the day when a psychic, an expert on intuition, sends you and email, subject: Intuitive Nudge, to say that "You are SUCH a good writer" and "I see another terrific book in your future."

Many years ago, when my novel was finished, but publication was still a dream, my mom gave me a book she found to be personally inspirational. The book was entitled Divine Intuition by author Lynn Robinson . The best-selling book helps readers to develop their own intuition as a tool for making life decisions and turning daydreams into successful ventures. Besides being the author of many books on intuition, Lynn gives intuitive readings (consultations) for businesses and individuals. My mother was so inspired by this book that she dragged my dad to DC to go to one of Lynn's workshops. Since reading Lynn's books (I have read most of them), I have been a fan, too, and member of her mailing list. At one point, I emailed her after I featured her book on my Mortalmom site. She in turn gave my site a mention in her e-newsletter.

Did I send Lynn a birth announcement, email or postcard, when my novel arrived on the scene last August? I don't remember. What I do know is that, out of the blue, I received an email from Lynn this week, at the same time I was blogging about art and fear and book number two. She graciously gave me tips on dealing with my writer "gremlins" and then gave me the gift of her vision in predicting a successful second book.

I do feel that I, along with my son, have some intuitive abilities. But sometimes when we are close to the subject matter, we have a hard time being objective. My son and I both knew that a dear relative (now pregnant) would come to this joyous conclusion even through years of infertility. We told her as much during times when she was doubtful. I remember writing to her that I would be the keeper of the faith for her, when it was too hard to even have hope. I feel as though Lynn Robinson is my keeper of the faith right now for me as a writer. So thank you, Lynn. I've printed out your prediction and have it posted beside my computer. What a beacon of light in the dark! Every writer, artist, or just plain human being should be so lucky.

For those interested: Lynn has a monthly email intuition newsletter and a powerful Prosperity Prayer on her website. You can tell her Jill sent you--but she might already know.

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Jill Althouse-Wood said...

My friend Sharon Naylor Torris sent me this comment since she couldn't get it to post. I am sharing with everyone out there. Sharon is a dear friend adn writer. Check her out at http://www.sharonnaylor.net

"Wow! Thanks for sharing Lynn's Prosperity Prayer! As writers and artists, we have to shake off that natural hesitancy to expect money for what we love to do, but *every* artist can attest to the power of a strong affirmation, the sense of relief that a windfall brings. We all create better from a sense of abundance, even if that sense of abundance originates in a flower garden or a full refrigerator, a closet full of clothes that almost all fit (tee hee), a contacts list that has lots of loved ones on it. Thanks, Jill, for reminding me to think about prosperity the right way! Your blog is terrific!"