Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Experience the Spiral

Back in Sarah's garden on Saturday. (Sarah is the owner of Radiance, the store in Lancaster where I give journaling workshops.) This time, I was the workshop leader along with Christine Cappabianca. We were doing a workshop to experience Sarah's garden spiral in conjunction with Kundalini yoga and journaling. The concept was simple: we were going to spiral our day around the centerpiece of the labyrinth. Meditation, yoga, journaling, walk the labyrinth, silent lunch, journaling, yoga, meditation. The rains changed our plan a little. We knew they were coming so we walked the outdoor labyrinth between the sprinkles right after our first meditation. Sarah's labyrinth is a 7-circuit labyrinth which means it has 7 paths. These correspond well to the chakra system which is a system of energy centers on the spine. Chris led an exploration on these centers in a series of spinal exercises. I did the same with journaling, having each participant explore the messages of the energy surrounding these points. The rain turned the workshop into a very contemplative, inwardly focused, mindful event. Most of the participants were new to walking a labyrinth. We used an indoor labyrinth later in the day which gave a better sense of the geometry. (The herbal labyrinth is lovely and fairly zings with energy, but sometimes, the sense of line is lost among the ferns.) The silent lunch was interesting. It was harder than I thought it would be to be silent, but it held us in purpose. I found I didn't want to make eye contact because I didn't want to intrude on another person's thoughts. The day went so fast. We didn't get in all the things we wanted to do, but we were successful in what we did accomplish. The shared energy was a magnificent force. What is great for me, is the level of excitement I have for such events. I would have attended this workshop if I were not teaching it, so it was a double treat for me, as practitioner and teacher. I hope to have more such workshops in the future. I see the possibilities.

**A great site for people to start exploring labyrinths.

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