Thursday, June 5, 2008

3 Hours to Save the World

Eli (dog) and I just went to the bus stop for the last time. My daughter is done with elementary school after today. I am excited--ready to move on. I am not one of those mothers that laments the passing of childhood because each age is so exciting and a new adventure. We just received Maren's notification of acceptance into a performing arts middle school, so that will be a new thing next year. In addition, she is going to be playing Brigitta this summer at a local dinner theater production of Sound of Music.

As for my son, I spent 45 minutes this morning straightening my his hair. I asked him if he wanted me to add a blue streak, and he told me he isn't allowed unnatural colors of hair. Thank goodness Maren will be going to a school that allows for pink and blue hair. I think that banning color in this world is a poor use of rule-making. Anyway, Jonah's hair was in his face, but he said he'd wear his glasses so that the hair wouldn't poke his eyes. Apparently, he found the glasses (that he is supposed to wear but never does) in his locker. When asked why they were there--was he using them at school? he said he had them at school for a prop for a presentation.

So, here I am. Three hours until they release the animals. I need to get something done. My kitchen is an unqualified disaster zone. I should be attending to it, but it seems too mundane to be spending my time doing that when I only have three hours to save the world--my world. My beautiful, artist, writer, creative, imperfect, messy, mama world.

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