Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The rest of April

My last entry was one of decompression. I must admit that this is more of the same. Since last I wrote, I participated in a book signing, was matron of honor at my college roommate's wedding(the same college roommate that wrote 35 books on wedding planning) in New Jersey, participated in my first "road race" in 2 years--a 5K in Alexandria, VA, toured our nation's capital, and chaperoned/taught at my daughter's 5th grade 3-day environmental field trip.

Though these were big, busy activities, they were actually less stressful/ more enjoyable for me than the beginning of the month activities. The wedding was awesome. I've used the phrase Wedding of a Lifetime. And it was beautiful to see my friend marry such a likable guy. The run in VA was the perfect way for me to get back into my running. I never ran a 5K before and i found I really like that length. Plus I got to hang and reconnect with cool people who I haven't seen in years, but who went to high school with Mark and me. (Mark had a great 10-mile run. He finished in under 75 min.) And I really did love going on the environmental field trip. I taught 5 lessons on the food chain in a downpour. The lesson involved a field game which was played in the mud. Visions of the television show Survivor kept flashing in my head. But the kids were good sports. The next day, under the spell of blue skies and moderate temperatures, I hiked with my daughter to an enormous vertical rock pile which has special significance to me. Two years ago on my son's field trip, I climbed up on the rock pile, sat for three hours, journaled and decided to quit my day job so I could write full-time. This time gave me just as much clarity. I admit, I took a small rock home to hold whenever I need to feel that energy.
April gave me so many blessings. I just need a quiet May to contemplate them all.

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