Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day's End

It's Wednesday night and for two nights I have wanted to see the conclusion of the two-part Medium on TV. I love that show. Somewhere, writers are having fights with their spouses and pausing to write it all down. I know this because the dialog is so realistic that sometimes my husband looks at me with that "that's the exact same argument we just had" look. What a bonding moment. But Angelica Houston and Patricia Arquette and my husband will have to wait until I finish TCOB. This morning I spent time working on the presentation for Fine Arts Day at my daughter's school next week. I am presenting as a painter, so I have to adjust the Powerpoint presentation I gave last year as a Creative Journaling Teacher. It's been a year since I've touched Powerpoint, so I had to give myself a tutorial. I wish I could say that I felt gratified having finished it, but I don't. It is just one in a series of things to check off my list. Go to bank. Go to orthodontist office to make payment and change insurance.

Moving on in my to-do list, I created a listing for my church's biggest fundraiser--its annual service auction. I have been persuaded by a friend to offer a book club evening with the author in my home. Six winners. Dinner. Wine. Discussion. Each will receive an autographed copy of my book. I am a little nervous about this. It seems presumptuous to offer up one's self as a prize. That, and I've already been so visible in the community that it seems that anybody who wanted to talk to me about my book already has. I found the listing difficult to write. After spending Monday on self-promotion, I am over trying to sell myself. Often, the biggest sale is to myself, because I have to teach myself that I am worthy of press.

After all the mind activity, I turned to the physical. It was quite breezy outside. Give me rain, but not wind. I procrastinated--loading the dishwasher and but stoppine short of putting away laundry. Finally, I knew if I didn't get out the door, I'd lose my window of opportunity. I grabbed my iPod and dialed to 33 minutes of torture with Grace on the iTread download. Really, it is supposed to be a 60 minute-workout, but I need to be realistic. My quest to run is two-fold. Fit into the dress I must wear as a maid of honor in a few weeks and finish a 5K (my first road race in two years) at the end of the month. (Did I tell you this was a crazy month or what?) As usual, Grace whipped my butt, but she had at least kept my mind off the blustery challenge.

I made it home about two minutes after my daughter's bus dropped her off. I had enough time to cool down and stretch, but not shower before I was off to get my son from track practice. As soon as I got home from that errand, I had to make leftovers for my daughter's dinner. While they were heating up, I cut condiments for the taco dinner the rest of us will have. Daughter is a day behind. She will get tacos tomorrow night. Mid-tomato, my son gave me a folder from his art teacher. Her son's school just had their Fine Arts Day. I was a presenter there last year, and we are modeling the program at my daughter's school after the one at John Beck Elementary. She hsent home the packet of information she received as a volunteer. Our volunteers are not lined up yet for our day next week. Eek! No time to panic. I ran the packet over to my neighbor who is on a committee with me. She was not home, but her oldest daughter was on the phone with her, so (yes, I am still in my sweaty running clothes) I stood in her entryway and talked to her while the girls' grandmother waves hello. I ran home to take my daughter to play practice.

Luckily, I have discovered a carpool from my corner of nowhere. This was my first shift as driver. I did not confirm, so when I showed up at the other girl's house, her mother was looking panicked with keys and cell phone in hand. (I find out later that she had left a message on my cell phone, but it wasn't on.) We had one final girl to pick up. Round trip--45 minutes. Husband was home from work by the time I made it home. I had seen so many people out walking that I asked him if wanted to go for a walk. Yes, but can we eat first, I am starving. Tacos seems like an easy meal, but they aren't. Too much prep work. I finished making dinner, and we ate. I ate like a ravenous woman which won't help with the bridesmaid's dress. My son also ate with gusto. This was his second dinner. He ate leftovers earlier with my daughter.

Husband and I left on our walk around the neighborhood. We observed the daffodils and remarked on how many people have already started mowing their lawns. We vowed to be last on our block to cave to the call of the grass. After our second trip around the block, my neighbor peeked her head out. She was ready to discuss volunteers. I was glad to see she was still in her painting clothes. (She is a faux painter.) I was still in my running clothes with a clean sweatshirt on top. I hoped it was enough to disguise the perfume of sweat with high notes of taco seasoning. This was not a planned meeting, but we had thought of last minute things we had not thought of before. Fine Arts Day is a new undertaking for the PTA. We want it to be a success for future years. So I am now home and waiting for one last email response from a possible volunteer. Maybe I'll just go watch Medium while I wait--or take a shower.

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