Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Madness

Ready to come along on a wild ride? I've remarked to friends that my color-coded refrigerator calendar resembles a Jackson Pollack painting for the month of April. I don't know what possessed me to include so much in so little time. But I want to share what it is like. So I am going to try to produce small blog entries to document this craziness.

Yesterday, I spent the day designing and sending my email newsletter, with a lengthy updating of my address book. I also a journaling workshop in the evening. I bisected the two with a yoga session and a quick dinner.

Cue April. Today is relatively mild. My daughter has play practice and my son has a track meet. In my world, I am preparing presentations for Fine Arts Day at my daughter's school and one for the Lancaster Book Festival. I wanted to go running, but had many weird interruptions including my son's best friend. He called from school to inform me that he had a half hour's detention and no way to get to his home which is five heavily trafficked miles from school. Maybe "A" needs his own color of splattering on my Pollack wipe-off board.

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