Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To blog or not to blog

The impetus for this blog was to give readers a change of scenery every time they came back to my website. And to give them a reason to check my website for new paintings, workshops, artwork. After a year of working as my daughter's home facilitator (she finished her first year of cyber school)--among other other distractions, I have little to show in the way of art and writing. After a year of economic hardships, my workshops have come to a halt. It is a decision I have made because I have put a lot of effort into my workshops only to have disheartening cancellations.

So that leads me to my blog. Do I stop updating because there is nothing new for me to promote? Is there a reason for these musings beyond a little harmless exhibitionism on my part? Do I have something of importance to give--something that can't be found elsewhere.

These are many of the questions swirling through my brain. Part of me wants to forget the whole creative experiment and get a job somewhere. Doing what? It seems I am at a crossroads. I love to write and to paint, but I am paralyzed by economic realities. Do I do that thing for which I feel I have a gift even if my payday may be years away? Workshops were helping to ease that conundrum. I could do a few here or there and feel I was adding in a small way to the outside world of trade and jingle a few coins in the family pockets.

The title of this post is to Blog to not to Blog a play on Hamlet's existential crisis. Crisis. Crossroads. I am there. What is at stake is not physical life, but the artist life. Should I stop the blog and concentrate on my arts, until I again have something worthy of a new website? Last weekend I picked up three paintings from a gallery in New Hope. I have two galleries who want to see more of my work. I have an agent who wants some writing. If I show them the goods, will they show me the money? Is this what I am about? If it is what I am about, then should I just get a job with a paycheck? To be continued. . . or not.


Kathy said...

I vote keep going. I love to peek inside your head. Thanks for sharing your life. xo k

Jill said...

I'm with Kathy, keep it up. Your blog has been thought provoking and at times inspirational for me.

Kathy said...

hmmm. looks like we got out voted, Jill.Yeah, facebook.

Danielle said...

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