Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

I intended to sit and read on Mother's Day. Total sloth. My husband's a good guy. He works hard around the house on the weekends. He doesn't mind doing it. In fact, I think he likes the feeling of accomplishment he gets from hard work. He is not much of a reader. I am, and I can get a sense of accomplishment from finishing a good book. I'm not sure that Mark understands that when he is busy mulching, and I am sitting the chaise lounge with a book, my faithful pug, and glass of iced tea. So I do what I can to look like I am industrious, too. But on Mother's Day, I have a free pass.
It didn't work out. I taught Sunday School--my last class of the year. After church we dropped off Mark's mom's present and went to look at flooring at Lowe's. Simultaneously, too many choices and not enough. And too scared to ask the nineteen-year-old salesman for his opinion. On the way out, we saw that they had Kitchen Aid mixers on sale. I'd been hinting about getting one ever since my daughter broke the old one. (Not my daughter's fault. She is truly on her way to being a fabulous cook like her mother. She was making cake batter, while I was cooking dinner. I told her that the beaters just came out and to pull harder. I forgot about the release switch and she pulled hard enough to send the mixer across the kitchen. OOPS!) Now Maren and I have a new mixer.
Had to try it out. One thing led to another, and I made...a mess. A batch of white chocolate macadamia nut cookie batter to freeze for later. A batch of rhubarb pecan muffins for breakfasts. A batch of strawberry rhubarb sauce for my vanilla yogurt. (No mixer required.) Pittsburgh Steak Salads. So, mother's day was spent in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning. I love the cooking part and I had an awesome day, but I missed my laziness opportunity. Mother's don't get them often.

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