Sunday, December 11, 2011

Best holiday season ever

Usually around the holidays, I want to retreat to a blanket fort and not emerge until some time after the sun enters Aries. I grumble my way through obligation and chores, feeling put out as the person who has to attend to the details. This year, a string of influences has me in a more joyous mood.
First, I listened to an audio recording of Wayne Dyer's Excuses Be Gone. I made some mental adjustments which were a long time in coming. Not everything has to be difficult. I bought some gift cards this year instead of obsessing over the perfect gift. I stopped pouting every time I needed to bring a covered dish somewhere. I just made easier recipes that used what I had on hand. I don't like having to buy stocking stuffers so we did away with the stockings. In fact, our immediate family is not opening any presents this year. I just started to realize that not everything has to be a chore. Nor does it all have to be my responsibility. I can tell myself a new story about ease.
It has been a rough couple of years, in my mind and on paper. I am ready to embrace some new truths and new joys. One such joy is that our family is planning a trip to England and France. One of the reasons I am reviving this blog is to tell the story of our trip: planning through execution. I am in heaven, just considering the possibilities. I consider myself a great travel planner. Though the reality will only be one week of family togetherness and adventure, the advent of the trip has begun a chain of excitement. Don't get me a diamond necklace. Sorry Kay's --my kiss begins with the Pont Neuf. Even with the knowledge that I will open a very few presents this year, joy abounds.

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