Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Fairy

This weekend was a glorious fall weekend. My daughter and I decided to do an outdoor photo shoot of her in her ballet costumes. We were aiming for a fall fairy look. I took hundreds of pictures, so it is no surprise that we got some that turned out really well. I would love to paint some pictures of some of these. I think my friend Elena Nazzaro's style would work extremely well--not that I could duplicate it even if I wanted to, but she has done inspiring work in the past with fairies and curly haired girls. My daughter has always been an outrageously delightful model for me. She is game for anything. The actress-in-her knows how to give the director-in-me what I want. She also gives recommendations for certain shots I never thought of but that she would like to try. She's a great kid, and I love documenting her childhood in these fanciful ways.


french toast girl said...

Jill, these are BREATHTAKING. Make a book out of them. Gorgeous, luscious, and just lovely. (Yay, Maren!)

kj said...

Wow! These are so ethereal--beautiful! And what a knockout your daughter is--she looks just like you.